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Business Tax Debt

Looking out for your interests to resolve your Tax problems

Are You Facing the Pressure of Business Tax Debt?


If you owe business taxes to the IRS or to Missouri authorities, you may be unable to pay them right now. Despite your best intentions and planning, running a business is difficult and payroll tax troubles are one of the most common problems a business will experience at some point in time.


Your tax debt may be a result of failure to understand the additional taxes that businesses must pay as well as the additional tax forms that need to be filed. It may also be the product of inadequate record keeping, or it may have stemmed from a lack of access to an accountant while you were keeping an eye on the business itself.


Even if your business is no longer operating, you may be on the receiving end of unpleasant collections activities; you may be afraid of serious consequences, including those related to your personal finances.


Our St. Louis Business Tax Attorneys may be able to help you develop a creative solution to your debt problem. Many people don't realize that they have options even when the debt is very large or when aggressive collections have already started.

Business Tax Debt Attorney St. Louis

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Business Tax Attorney

Serious Solutions to Serious Business Tax Problems

Having the representation of an experienced lawyer can be a critical part of resolving your tax problems. We can help work out solutions to business tax issues in a variety of ways:


We can assist you in setting up an affordable installment agreement with the IRS or other entity to pay off what you owe. This allows you to address the debt in a way that satisfies the authorities but is realistic and mindful of your other financial responsibilities.

We can work to get revoked licenses reinstated with the State of Missouri. We can help navigate a challenge to the status of independent contractors, who the IRS may actually consider employees.


We can assist in resolving failure to pay Missouri sales taxes. When the failure to file or pay quarterly payroll taxes needs immediate resolution, we can advise you on your options.


We can explain the pitfalls of mixing business and personal accounts.


We can assist you and work with St. Louis City, St. Louis County or another county if you have gone awry of their taxing requirements.


Explore the Possibilities.


Everyone's financial situation and tax position are different. We can meet with you to review your debt situation and explore possibilities. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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